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Which Gun Should I Get for Concealed Carry

Picking which firearm to purchase for concealed carry can be a very difficult decision as the requirements for each person can be so widely different.

This is an expensive purchase, and a big decision, as this is the firearm you are planning on carrying with you everyday and using to protect the lives of you and your family.

There is no one standard answer for this, In this article I will attempt to assist you in making this choice, or at least give you some tools to think about to help you make the choice.

First off if you are selecting a handgun only for home defense there is little reason to compromise on anything. Get a full-size combat handgun and get the one you most prefer.

If you are planning on concealed carrying however, most people must make some compromises due to lifestyle, environment, and dress requirements. In general, concealed carriers always walk the line between carrying a serious gun, and carrying a convenient gun. You want to be careful though because sometimes you can worry to much about convenience. If you want to carry a serious gun, then you are going to have to make changes in your attire to make it work. If it is simply not possible to carry a larger gun based on what you have to wear, then carrying a small gun is better than not carrying one at all, but you should try to carry a formidable weapon. Remember the reason you are carrying the gun in the first place: to defend yourself or others from violence. Larger handguns are more efficient for fighting than smaller guns, so carry as much gun as you can.

You may find that you will need more than one carry gun. Perhaps you can carry a larger gun most of the time but certain settings or obligations restrict you to a smaller gun. This being the case, you may eventually need to implement a couple of different carry options. If selecting your first carry gun, the hardest part of the process is often just evaluating your own needs and selecting the weapon that will work for you most often and in the most circumstances. Often a new carrier will select a gun that ends up being too large and later will get a different gun that is smaller and more concealable. Others do the opposite, and get a very small gun and later procure something more capable and easier to shoot. Let’s look at the general classes of weapons suitable for concealed carry to assist with your choice.

Compact Handguns

Typically full-size combat handguns, as is carried by on-duty law enforcement personnel in open belt holsters, are referred to as service pistols. The next step down in size from service pistols is what we typically referred to as “compact” autos. These guns are usually almost identical to the full-size variant, often capable of using the full-size magazines, but they are slightly reduced in dimensions. On paper the compact version often does not seem much smaller than the full size model, but there is a substantial difference in concealability. Examples of this would include guns like the Glock 19 and Glock 26, the Smith and Wesson M&P9 compact, the Ruger SR9 compact, and the list goes on. These examples are all smaller than the full-size gun, but are very capable defensive weapons and are even compatible with the magazines of the full-size variant. These are just several examples, and many of the well-known defensive handguns are produced in compact size.