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Every Day Carry

In this article, we’ll discuss the items you absolutely need, the items I recommend, and other considerations for your everyday carry setup.

Step 1: Gun & Permit

So step 1 is to get a gun, and because in most states you need a permit to carry a firearm you will also need a permit. The permitting process in each state varies widely — with some allowing you to carry without a permit and others requiring a lengthy process that includes mandatory training and fingerprinting.

Figure out the process, get the permit, and start carrying the gun.

Step 2: Figure Out Your Everyday Concealed Carry Gear

I’m going to take the items I honestly carry every single day as a base template. Yours may vary wildly depending on your needs but I feel mine covers my basics.

My everyday concealed carry gear always includes the following:

Concealed carry permit Concealed carry handgun One primary magazine One secondary magazine Inside the waistband holster Utility knife Emergency flashlight

My everyday concealed carry setup is pretty straight forward. My usual everyday carry handgun is a SIG P320C. That’s a semi-automatic striker-fired pistol that in my lovely state of MA can only have a 10 round Magazine of 9mm ammo.

Because my magazines can only have 10 rounds, I carry a backup magazine. Honestly even if it could carry a standard capacity Magazine of 15 rounds I would still want to have a secondary mag. If you carry a revolver, you may want to hold onto a speed loader with at least one cylinder’s worth of ammunition.

Q: Why carry a spare magazine?

A: Even though it is unlikely that you will find yourself in a situation that will require you to use you firearm, if you do find yourself in that situation you are much better off having an extra magazine and not needing it then needing it and not having it. It is the same reason why you have a fire extinguisher, purchase home owners insurance, and in fact the reason why you even carry a firearm in the first place.

And the last essential item I carry with me is an inside the waistband holster. I use a Aliengear Holster IWB. It clips on inside the waistband, is relatively comfortable, and maintains great retention over the pistol.

Q: What the heck is retention?

A: Retention refers to the snugness of a handgun within its holster. The more snug a holster is, the less a pistol can move around when you do daily activities like jumping, sprinting, or squatting.

So to recap on essential items: