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When Is It OK to Draw Your Firearm In Self Defense? When is it OK To Shoot in Self Defense?

This is another difficult question, but an extremely important one. It is a difficult question because it depends on a lot of different factors, and it is an important one because drawing when you shouldn’t could get your LTC and Guns taken away, and possibly jail time, and not drawing when you should could get you or someone else killed.

Drawing your firearm in self defense is something that we train for, hopefully frequently, but hope that we never have to do.Today I am going to go over a few scenarios and then go over if it is a good idea to draw or not.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer, please research your local laws regarding the use of lethal self defense. For example in some states there are some laws called the castle doctrine or the stand your ground law, while other state do not have those laws. The first allows you to defend you home and property with lethal force, and the stand your ground law basically means you do not have to try and walk away from the fight you are allowed to stand your ground and defend yourself. For example Massachusetts does not have either of those laws, and you are only allowed to use lethal force if your life or the life of another is in immediate danger. You are not allowed to use lethal force to defend your property, and you are required to try and remove yourself from the situation if at all possible before using deadly force. So PLEASE research your own local laws before you even start to carry.

Generally speaking though you would be justified in drawing your firearm if you felt your life or the life of another was in immediate danger, or that you were in danger of severe bodily harm.

Scenario 1:

A person who is 30 years older than you,(let’s assume you are 30) and half your size says that he is going to kill you and is 30 feet away. What do you think? Draw or Don’t Draw?

In this case I would not draw. In this case I am bigger and most likely stronger, the person does not have any weapons that I can see, and because of the space between us I have time to react if things escalate.

Scenario 2:

A person who is 30 years younger than you (let’s assume you are 60) and twice your size says he is going to kill you and walks toward you in a threatening manner. What do you think? Draw or Don’t Draw?