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What To Do With Your Firearm If You Need To Use a Public Bathroom?

Most of us prefer to take care of this business when we are at home, but sometimes that just isn't an option. So what do you do with your firearm when you have to use a public bathroom?

There is no perfect way for everyone, but here is some advice on how to handle the issue.

1) Always keep your firearm in your holster! There is no reason to take it out.

2) If you arn't using a holster, which is already a mistake, then do not put the firearm anywhere you don't have 100% control over it. Like the back of a toilet or on the toilet paper holder!

3) Try to get a corner stall. This will make it so you only have to worry about someone on 1 side of you instead of 2.

4) If they have one available you could use the family bathroom. This will allow you to be the only one in there and to be able to lock the door.

5) Make sure that your pants and holster are secured around your ankles and shoes so that the firearm cannot come out of the holster and that the firearm is pointed down in a safe direction.

6) Take your time and be careful with the process of pullinng your pants down and back up. There is no rush, and you want to make sure that your holster and firearm are secure and not moving around

Everyone needs to really figure this one out on their own, and you might want to try this out a couple times at home before you attempt this in public, but if you are careful, use common sense, and follow the firearm safety rules everything will be fine!

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